Sandawha Camellia Flower Hydrating Mist

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  • I am a facial mist suitable for all skin types
  • I contain 92.52% Camellia Flower extract, which is a highly anti-aging, anti-oxidising ingredient
  • I also contain pea extract, which fights the enzymes that break down your skin's collagen. Basically, it helps keep your skin firm
  • With licorice root, I brighten immensely, fighting the sun damage of countries where sun exposure is a big problem such as Australia and Singapore
  • Check out how Noelle uses me to lock in moisture

Use me daily as needed

1) After moisturising (and sunscreen) mist your face to seal all the hydration.

Honey tip: Use me indoors when the heating or aircon is drying out your skin.

If your skin is feeling itchy and sensitive, I also have a calming effect.

Another genius tip is to use me as a way to set your makeup.

Camellia japonica Flower Extract (92.52%), Licorice root extract, Green tea extract, Pea protein, Pea extract  

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