Yeon&bee's Travel Guide to Seoul

Planning your next trip to Seoul but don't know where to start? Whether you want to hit the latest hip alleyway bar or fill your suitcase with Kpop paraphernalia - don't worry, we've got you covered.

makeup & skincare products

It's Seoul. You've gotta go shopping for some skincare & makeup.

The local stops: you'll see most locals shopping at Olive Young, Chicor and Lohb's, which are scattered everywhere in Seoul. Larger subway stations such as Gangnam also have all your favourite bigger brands. If you're more of an indie label type, look out for 10by10.

Honey tip: Do use the beauty app Hwahae to find reviews from real Koreans. It's a Seoulite's beauty bible.

@oliveyoung_official; @chicor_shinsegae; @lovelohbs; @your10x10

The tourist stops: hit up some of the flagship Korean beauty stores because while they're not something locals normally visit, these concept stores are super cute and are truly their own experience. You'll find many of the bigger ones such as Innisfree in Myeongdong. Garosugil is a popular destination for tourists seeking out slightly more boutique or higher end concept stores.

beauty treatments

While Koreans are renowned for flawless, poreless skin, if we're being honest, our legendary dermatologists need to take a lot of credit. Armed with crazy advanced machines, the Korean 'pibugua' or dermatologist is a must-visit if you have any skincare concerns or even if you just want a bit of pampering. Here are a couple clinics that offer English language services if required. Hushu Dermatology Clinic, Oracle Clinic, and ME Cosmetic Clinic.

If you're wondering which treatments to get depending on your skin, here is an in-depth guide we wrote for Cleo Singapore!