Seoul through the eyes of a Hawaiian performer

Noelle, where were you born? I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii

Can you tell us some memories you have of Honolulu? Sitting on the front of my Dad's surfboard, my sister and I playing in the plumeria trees near our house, performing a hula dance at our school's Lei Day ceremony, family trips to our favorite beach.

What brought you to Seoul? I was signed with a Korean agency as an actor and model. For me, Seoul is activity 24/7, walks along the Han River, cherry blossoms, where fruit is super expensive, kakao talk, coffee shops on every corner, where I met some of my best friends, 찌개s and out of control humidity.

Tell us about what you do here in Seoul. I'm a performer and I love it. I act, sing, dance; all of which are forms of art and I love art's ability to touch people's hearts. Not only the audience's but the artist's as well. And once a heart is touched, change happens and minds expand. People begin to understand things they may have never contemplated which leads them to being more open-minded and understanding of others. Art is all about spreading empathy and compassion. That's why I do it.

What's your star sign? Saggitarius

Do you believe in horoscopes? No, I don't believe we have a certain fate or a predetermined destiny. But I do think they give you good advice in a general sense. Sometimes I read them for fun and I just look at them more as self help columns that can be for anyone as opposed to predictions for specific futures.

When it comes to beauty, do you have a philosophy? Don't conform to society's beauty standards. Just like fashion, I believe it is a form of self expression. Do what makes you happy and confident. Also, beauty shouldn't be obtained at the expense of hurting animals.

What's your skin type? Dry, very dry and because of this it can be a bit sensitive.  

How do you look after your skin? Before I go to bed, I wash my face with cleanser. One of my favorites is LUSH's Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser. Then I take a cotton pad with cleansing water for dry skin and wipe it all over my face, except my eyes. I use eye cream to remove makeup around my eyes. Next, I massage facial oil into my skin for about 5 minutes. When I massage facial oil into my skin I use massage techniques that tighten your facial muscles. In the morning my skin feels so healthy! I really like Physicians Formula's Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil. And finally, I put on a thick layer of Aromatica Sea Daffodil Gel Cream - it smells so good. Once a week, I will exfoliate with a salt scrub in place of the cleanser. In the morning, I apply another layer of moisturizer along with primer, eye cream and some sunscreen.

Can you show us a particular skin tip? Sure, as I mentioned. I have super dry skin so I can show you how I top up on moisture in between shoots.

Lastly - Seoul. Any tips on how to get an authentically Korean experience? Suyeon Mountain Tea Room, Olympic Park, Samcheong-dong Street, the traditional Bukchon village, the Secret Gardens at Changdeokgung Palace, Ikseon-dong

Also, get outside of Seoul. If you come during the spring, go see the cherry blossoms at the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival. Also, Deokjeok Island and Gangchon are beautiful during the summer.
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