A Civilised Guide to Your Tea Set

Ladies, K-Beauty's first ever tea set is here. This is your curation for glowing, flawless skin based on the traditional medicinal teas loved by women in Korea. For centuries, Korean skincare has been just as much about what goes into your body as much as what you put on it.

Containing 3 different types of tea, here's a quick breakdown of your set:

Persimmon tea (감잎차) pronounced gam ip, this is an anti-aging powerhouse full of anti-oxidants to fight those free radicals that contribute to wrinkles and sag. Koreans are strong believers in the healing effects of persimmon tea and this is one of the most famous beauty teas around. Fun fact: persimmons are a very popular dessert for Koreans so we even have persimmon smoothies at larger cafes such as A Twosome Place.

Mandarin Peel tea (귤피차) pronounced gyulpi, the vitamin C in mandarin peel tea is excellent for brightening and evening out your skin tone. In Korea, we often save our mandarin peels and dry them to brew this tea, but it's much easier to have them in a tea bag when you don't have the time to dry citrus skins!

Roasted rice and Solomon's Seal Tea (동굴레차) Solomon's Seal is a plant full of vitamin A, which is not only great for anti-aging but also for people with acne issues as it helps cell regeneration and the skin to heal itself. In addition, Solomon's Seal helps to balance out hormones to provide an added anti-acne effect.