How to make your flowers last longer according to a florist

Bonna, where were you born? I was born in Anyang, which is a small city in the Gyeonggi Province near Seoul.

Can you tell us some memories you have of Anyang? It's funny you should ask because I've been thinking a lot about Anyang recently. My atelier in Itaewon is located in an area that reminds me a lot of the Anyang I grew up in - small rickety stores selling spicy rice cakes, old stationery shops and convenience stores where you can buy an ice cream for 70 cents. It's very nineties.

Tell us about what you do here in Seoul. I make candles and floral arrangements. I actually used to work a corporate job, but like a lot of people I found it a bit suffocating. I've always gravitated towards expressing myself creatively so what I do now is really satisfying.

Favourite flowers? Definitely Peonies and Peruvian Lillies. I love how wild they look.

Can you give us a tip on looking after our flowers? Trim the flower stems diagonally so you maximise surface area for water. Change out your water daily and keep your flowers out of direct sun exposure. All of these will help your flowers last a whole lot longer.

Now on to looking after yourself, what type of skin do you have? Mmm, it's combination but a little on the dryer side.

How do you look after your skin? I am very simple when it comes to skincare. It's honestly nothing special but one thing I am religious about is misting my face. I use this Eucerin mist spray morning and night. I find mists are lifesavers in summer as they calm down your skin. I follow up my mist with a good cream like Eucerin Aquaporin Active.

Can you show us a particular skin tip? I do have a special tip for how I apply my Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream to my neck.

Lastly - Seoul. Any tips on how to get an authentically Korean experience? Hmm, I would recommend venture out of Seoul. Seoul is great but there are quite a lot of tourists so a place that's like Anyang or a less built up city can be interesting to get a very non-showy view of the country.