How Korean Makeup Artists Do it Differently

Heley, where were you born? I was born in Daegu, which is close to Busan.

Can you tell us something about Daegu? It's smaller than a lot of the larger metropolitan cities in Korea, but it's big enough to have a bit of everything. It's known for having a really large female population so it's quite a stylish city. Hmm, what else? Daegu is also known for its apples and delicious rice cakes, especially sweet honey rice cakes. They're so good.

Tell us about what you do here in Seoul. I am a makeup artist. When I was a kid, I always loved art, but my family was against me become an artist. Interestingly, my dad really encouraged me to get into makeup artistry.

Who are your favourite artists? I adore Van Gogh and Klimt.

What do you like about living in Itaewon? I love it because there's so much diversity so you never feel like you're being watched or judged.

Favourite side of makeup? I am obsessed with lip makeup. I have so many different lip colours and enjoy trying out styles like gradiation. I also love making eyebrows stand out a lot.

Least favourite side? Well, I don't like covering up the skin too much. I love freckles and when I do other peoples' makeup, I prefer not to conceal that.

Now on to looking after yourself, what type of skin do you have? Mmm, it's combination but a little on the dryer side.

How do you look after your skin? I have a simple but very dedicated skincare regimen. I am religious about cleansing and honestly believe you need to dedicate as much time removing your makeup as you do putting it on. I have a special massage I do to take off my makeup and it's completely transformed my skin. My pores have shrunk and my skin is brighter.

Do you use a special massage cream? No, I just use my usual cleansing balm , which is the Face Shop Rice Cleansing Cream.

Can you show us a particular skin tip? I can show you the massage.

Lastly, what would you recommend for visitors to Seoul? Well, eating food is a major pasttime for me so I can definitely suggest some places you must make time for! For coffee, Anthracite in Itaewon is the best. For geniune Korean food, here are a couple suggestions: Gold Jjimdak in Gangnam for some unforgettable braised chicken, Hannam Roast Chicken - I'd recommend you get a whole chicken rather than half, and of course you can't skip Mangwon Market, which has some of the most insane street food.