Where I shop when I’m in Seoul – Part One


In a shopper’s paradise like Seoul, it’s easy to get lost. Even as a native Korean, the sheer number of boutique stores squirelled away in underground train stations, alleyways and apartment blocks, is overwhelming.

Unsurprisingly, the question I’m most often asked by friends visiting the city is, ‘where do you shop?Continue reading “Where I shop when I’m in Seoul – Part One”

This Sleepwear will be your new Activewear

Because Satin is better than Spandex

Remember 2008? The world was simpler back then – Glee was all the rage, people were feeling an Empire State of Mind, and Dolce & Gabbana sent those pyjamas down the runway. Continue reading “This Sleepwear will be your new Activewear”

The Ultimate K-Beauty Hack for the Lazy Girl



What happens when two of Korea’s top celebrity makeup artists launch a line? They produce cult products that sell like hotcakes. Continue reading “The Ultimate K-Beauty Hack for the Lazy Girl”

How to wear Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Image NAIN

Every year, Pantone makes a ‘symbolic color selection’ – a colour to rule lesser colours for twelve long months. This year, the Pantone team have chosen greenery – a ‘fresh and zesty yellow-green shade’ signalling consumers to ‘reinvigorate’.   Continue reading “How to wear Pantone’s Colour of the Year”

Low Classic

Low Classic has your 90s vacation wardrobe sorted

Image Low Classic

What is it? Seoul-based womenswear label founded by designer Myung Shin Lee in 2009.

What’s it about? Wistful, feminine chic with a strongly nostalgic overtone. Its pseudo-intellectual vibe will make you want to read more Proust and long blacks will start to genuinely taste good.  Continue reading “Low Classic”

5 Reasons Why Korean Fashion is the Next Big Thing

sjyp-main_1Image Courtesy SJYP

After the global success of K-pop, K-drama and K-beauty, K-fashion is set to be the next ripple in the Korean wave.   Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Korean Fashion is the Next Big Thing”