Face Tapping and Why you Need to Start

How to apply your products the right way


If you’re a skincare nut, you’re probably spending a decent amount of money maintaining your body’s largest organ. Serums, essences, sheet masks... they don’t come cheap. Continue reading “Face Tapping and Why you Need to Start”

5 Korean Sleeping Masks for Every Skin Type

While you were sleeping…

I love sleeping masks. While I am super diligent about my skincare, the sleeping mask (or ‘pack’ as they say in Korea) indulges my desire to feel like my products are still putting in more effort than I am. Continue reading “5 Korean Sleeping Masks for Every Skin Type”

The Ultimate K-Beauty Hack for the Lazy Girl



What happens when two of Korea’s top celebrity makeup artists launch a line? They produce cult products that sell like hotcakes. Continue reading “The Ultimate K-Beauty Hack for the Lazy Girl”

Korean Skincare 101

Everything you need to know about that infamous 10-step


Korean skincare is its own branch of philosophy. To outsiders, it can appear deliberately confusing, and its infamous 10-step regime seems like a harsh and punishing way to end your day. Continue reading “Korean Skincare 101”