What Happens When a Parisian Meets K-Beauty?

Su is a quintessential Parisian, but she’s more into white fungus than chocolate croissants. This beauty blogger is all about taking a truly holistic approach to skincare and while her knowledge of K-beauty is outrageously comprehensive, it’s her unique beauty-enhancing Chinese soup recipe (which she has kindly written up for Yeon & Bee here) that initially caught my eye , and since then, I’ve been dying to find out more of Su’s lifestyle-based tips. Thankfully, she didn’t disappoint.

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This Beauty Blogger’s AM/PM Routine is Too Pretty For Words (So Here are some pics!)

Meet Jordan Turner. She roasts coffee, works at a senator’s office and has the dreamiest instablog (seriously, you have to check it out). She grew up in Payson — that’s where Footloose was filmed — and lives in Salt Lake City. In Utah, the days are dry and Jordan tells us about how she keeps her skin hydrated by using the best of Asian and Western beauty. 

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How this Parsons Fashion Student Cares for Her Skin (and yes, she sheet masks)

Meet Kaycee Woo, a quintessential big-city girl. Born in Seoul, Kaycee now lives in the throbbing heart of Manhattan, studying at Parsons School of Design (jealous yet?). I’ve known Kaycee for many years and she’s always had an amazing eye for beauty and style. Even today, while she is jetsetting from London-Paris-New York, she is disciplined in keeping her skin in top condition. Here’s a little sneak peak into her routine!

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Instablogger Maggie Xie on Her Beauty Secrets and Wardrobe Obsessions

1.Where were you born? Qing Dao, China. I moved to Canada when I was in elementary school.

2.You know you’re from Qing Dao when? You love sauerkraut, because the city was colonized by Germany for while. They make beer there too.

3.What do you do and why do you do it? I blog on Instagram because I’ve always loved fashion. It started when I was at a job that I wasn’t happy in so I looked for a hobby to focus on and find happiness. Then I realized that it was what I’ve always wanted to do but I was just holding myself back. Don’t hold yourself back!

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