Why I Wash My Face With Perrier

I know this title sounds like the height of pretentiousness. It’s hard to read it without rolling your eyes or wanting to gently strangle the person who wrote it (yours truly), huh? But bear with me – I’m about to make it all better, and by the end of the post you’re going to want to buy a bottle of Perrier (or Pellegrino, if you prefer) for your face.

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The Most Boringly Effective K-Beauty Product Ever (Review)

This product is about as un-Kpop as you can get: uninspiring packaging, barely-there scent, with a texture that’s nothing special – it doesn’t fizz or pop, and its ingredients are unexcitingly familiar (tea tree oil anyone?). The only dramatic thing about this product is that it gently, silently kills your pimples like nothing you’ve ever used and it has almost 100% rave reviews across the internet. That’s LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence.

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I use Korea’s Best-Selling Cleansing Balm and YES — it’s worth the hype (Review)

Ladies, I’m calling it. Banila Co’s Clean It Zero is my HG cleanser.


Clean It Zero has cult status in Korea and was popularised after a blind test on the nation’s top beauty show ‘Get It Beauty‘ found it to be the most powerful oil-based cleanser.

I first came across Clean It Zero many years ago on a humid Seoul night. Stranded at my cousin’s house without a cleanser, I desperately raided her medicine cabinet (which was teeming with delightful skincare concoctions) and after a little nosing, spotted this pretty little balm. I heaped it on my face and was immediately converted. What was this magical balm that seemed to melt away even my most stubborn makeup?

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