Twee in Tweed

yellow1yellow3Working at a university, I often feel like I’m at a tweed appreciation convention. The tweed jacket is to a professor what speedos are to a swimmer, nylon to a cyclist, and a tangerine tan to a real housewife. Continue reading “Twee in Tweed”

The Statement Top

redtop1redtop3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s official — the statement top is back. Silky, strappy and invariably sequined, the statement (aka ‘going out‘) top was every noughties girl’s power garment. 15 years later, they’ve returned with a little less sequin and a lot more ruffle. Continue reading “The Statement Top”

Dim Lights and Winter Nights

A Love Letter to the Baggy Jumper

fluffyjumperfluffyjumper2Oversized jumpers are the ultimate comfort clothing, aren’t they? They’re the lasagne of garments  – warm, enticing and the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s night. Continue reading “Dim Lights and Winter Nights”