Welcome to Yeon & Bee – a place for you to learn, love and shop Korean beauty. People often ask, ‘what exactly is Korean beauty?’ Is it the 10-step? Is it the double-cleanse, or is it the latest bestselling sheet mask? Yes, yes and yes. But it’s also a lot more than these things.

The heart of Kbeauty lies in making beauty work for you rather than the other way around by understanding what you’re putting on your skin (& in your body). Ask any Korean woman on the street for her favourite brightening ingredients and she’ll give you a whole rolodex of them #nobodyusesrolodexesanymore.

For Korean women, it’s about substance and method over brands and hype.

Yeon & Bee explores this idea further by seeking out what’s actually effective, why and how to get the best result. Started in 2017 by Kelly Jin, Yeon & Bee has evolved to include not only product reviews and skincare tips but interviews with busy, passionate women who are making beauty work for them.

But if there’s one thing that Yeon & Bee hasn’t changed since its inception, it’s that when it comes to beauty – it’s all about you.