The Japanese Massage Therapist Who Makes Natural Sake Facial Masks

If you love natural skincare, you’re going to want to know more about Miki Tameishi. Born in Chiba and based in Wellington, she is gaining a loyal following with her holistic approach to beauty, combining traditional Japanese medicine with organic New Zealand ingredients. From massage to homemade skincare, here are a few of Miki’s lifestyle secrets.

1.Where were you born? Chiba, Japan

2.What’s your skin type and main concern? Dry skin

3.What do you do? I am a massage and aroma therapist. I run my own massage massage clinic called Hana Akari and a small e-boutique.

4.Tell us about the sake kasu face mask. Sake kasu refers to the residue from brewing sake, after the liquid is squeezed from the fermented rice. Sake kasu is a miracle ingredient used by many Japanese and Korean skincare brands. Kojic acid is the magic component of sake kasu, and it has been clinically proven to help lighten discoloration. It is also a potent anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredient that can fight acne and help fade freckles after a few uses.

So, in order to make this mask, I use sake kasu from a sake brewery in Queenstown called Zenkuro. I mix it with clay and yuzu essential oils. Yuzu is a wonderful Asian ingredient with three times the amount of vitamin c in a lemon and is great for anti-aging. If you’re also into drinking sake, I have a traditional sweet sake recipe that’s wonderful for your skin.

5.What is your daily skincare regimen like? I make my own skincare products. My oil cleanser is a gentle combination of almond oil, apricot oil and other essential oils. Apricot oil is incredibly nourishing if you have dry skin and because it has a very fine texture, it will get deep into those pores. The exfoliant I use is a mixture of azuki beans and oatmeal (oatmeal has wonderful brightening properties). These are great in sloughing away all the dead skin without being too abrasive. For toner, I again incorporate yuzu seed, and for moisturizer, I mix rosehip, carrot seed and frankincense oil. I also am quite partial to Devique, which is an Australian brand and I happened to study at the same school as the founder. Their products are fantastic.

6. Are there any skincare mistakes you see lots of women making? A lot of Japanese women are too focused on whitening. Many of the traditional whitening creams often contain chemicals like hydroquinone, mercury and steroids. While they are banned in some countries, hydroquinone, for instance, is still prescribed by many physicians and this ingredient can have a lot of adverse health effects over time, like cancer.

7. Can you teach us an easy massage we can do at home? I’d recommend Takefumi, which is a bamboo foot massager that has been used in Japan for centuries. It relieves sore feet instantly and all you need is a couple minutes each day, at morning and night. It’s super simple and is great for anyone who spends lots of time on their feet!

If you are interested in purchasing Miki’s Sake facial mask, they are available for order at Hana Akari. I’ll also be doing a short review of the mask so watch this space!

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