What Happens When a Parisian Meets K-Beauty?

Su is a quintessential Parisian, but she’s more into white fungus than chocolate croissants. This beauty blogger is all about taking a truly holistic approach to skincare and while her knowledge of K-beauty is outrageously comprehensive, it’s her unique beauty-enhancing Chinese soup recipe (which she has kindly written up for Yeon & Bee here) that initially caught my eye , and since then, I’ve been dying to find out more of Su’s lifestyle-based tips. Thankfully, she didn’t disappoint.

1)What’s your skin type and main concern? I have dry, sensitive skin and am concerned about wrinkles.

2)How were you introduced to K-Beauty? I’m super obsessed with skincare and have always been willing to try new things. My sister-in-law gave me a jar of Banila Co Clean It Zero and after I used it, I was really surprised because it did such a good job of cleansing. This was the first time I got into K-beauty and since then, K-beauty has never disappointed me. I really admire their know-how and advanced technology, which always finds a way to make people look better and more youthful!

3)How does living in Paris influence your outlook on beauty and style? Parisian women are very independent and know what they want. They don’t need luxury designers to stand out and are happy to mix and match. Also, Parisians aren’t too bling bling, and prefer feminine, elegant discreet styles, which influences me. There is something in this city that inspires me everyday.

banila co clean it zero

4)Can you walk us through your skincare routine? I am a simple person, so I don’t do too many steps and I believe less is better. In general, my morning routine is toner, eye cream, serum, moisturiser and cc cream (which contains sun protection). In winter, I don’t use face wash in the morning as it’s too drying and my skin is so sensitive, so I just wash with lukewarm water. At night, my routine is the same but with cleanser to remove my daily makeup.

5)Any noteworthy products you’d recommend? Banila Co Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream. This is my must-have night cream.It’s super rich but absorbs so quickly into my skin. Also, Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light. I apply it after my basic skincare routine and use it when I don’t want to wear any makeup but what my skin to look bright and smooth! Last, Vaseline Rosy Lips — this is a lifesaver in cold weather.

dr jart rubber mask

6) Do you sheet mask? Yes, and my favourites are Dr Jart+ rubber mask, Mirae ex8 mask, PREMIUM PUReSA facial sheet mask (W collagen and hyaluronic acid), TT Bio Cellulose mask and the Minon Amino Moist Face Mask.

7)Do you have any beauty tips/quirks? I change my skincare products to adapt to the weather. Air conditioners and heaters can accelerate water loss and dry out your skin. At the moment, it’s winter, so I keep a glass of water next to the heater and this actually helps prevent that dehydration.

Also, to slow signs of aging, I like to gently tap my face when I apply my toner. This helps not only to tighten and firm up the skin, but to allow the product to penetrate deeper. It’s like an exercise for your face in a way.banila co clean it zero

8)Who are your skincare idols? Song Ji Hyo, Song Hye Kyo and Suzy Bae.

9)What are your nutritional or diet tips on keeping your skin healthy? The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning before washing my face even, is to drink 1.5 cups of warm water, which helps to increase your metabolism, improve your circulation and flush out toxins.

I don’t drink any soft drinks and sugar in general is not good for your skin, so I don’t eat many sweet things. I also rarely have fried or fast food.

I avoid having cold food or drinks because it’s important to keep the body warm to absorb nutrients.

I also like to take collagen powder or eat foods containing lots of collagen such as soy products, white fungus, white fish, fish maw, dark leafy greens, berries, citrus fruit, beans and others.

Last but not least, sport is super important for your skin and body, so I do yoga four times a week. I also volunteer and teach kids to dance.

10)Any skincare no-nos? I never go to bed without removing my makeup. I also never go outside without having applied sunscreen. I don’t use hot water to wash my face. Other skincare mistakes are not cleaning your makeup brushes and pillow cases often enough!

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