Why I Wash My Face With Perrier

I know this title sounds like the height of pretentiousness. It’s hard to read it without rolling your eyes or wanting to gently strangle the person who wrote it (yours truly), huh? But bear with me – I’m about to make it all better, and by the end of the post you’re going to want to buy a bottle of Perrier (or Pellegrino, if you prefer) for your face.

Why on earth am I splashing my face with fizzy water?

Washing with sparkling mineral water may be the sort of ostentatiously indulgent act that you associate with a modern day Marie Antoinette, but the practice actually originates from Japanese onsen, where its skincare benefits were discovered.

The two biggest benefits is that it’s proven to brighten dull skin and tighten pores with consistent usage. How? The carbonated water removes dead skin cells as the bubbles act as ‘micro-brushes’, deep cleaning your pores. The bubbles also deliver more oxygen deeper into your skin barrier, improving circulation, which enhances firmness and brightness. Sparkling water is also immensely effective at getting rid of pesky puffiness the day after a big night out (trust me, I know from experience)!

By the way, I am not encouraging you to empty a bottle of Perrier daily – in fact, you really shouldn’t because it will irritate your skin if you do this too often. Once or twice weekly is a good number.

If you’re still not convinced, perhaps I can sway you with three syllables: Kim Hee Sun. She’s an actress and skin legend in Korea and swears by this technique. Since she professed her love for the sparkling water face spa, most of the film industry (and a significant chunk of the female population) have followed suit.


So do I just pour a bottle of sparkling water on my face?

Short answer, no. The most common method in Japan and Korea is to fill a bowl with a 1:1 ratio of sparkling mineral water and normal, flat water. Then, dunk your head in the water for 3-5 minutes, obviously coming up for breath when required, unless you have gills or something, in which case, knock yourself out.

I personally like to do this after my double cleanse and before my toner.


Now, if you have very sensitive skin, the genius folk at Brilliant have created Loveheart Sparkling Powder, which is a little gentler than the 1:1 ratio I’ve recommended here. This powder also contains brightening ingredients like arbutin, absorbic acid and niacinamide for that extra kick.

So, is it going to feel strange?

If you use the 1:1 ratio, your face should feel a slight tingle and a warming sensation but nothing unbearable. In fact, once you get used to this as a weekly process, you’ll start to look forward to this gentle yet invigorating mini-facial. Obvious tip: try not to get any up your nose as sparkling water up your nostrils is never the most relaxing thing. Plus, it really puts a dent in the elegance of dunking your head in Perrier, right?

Let me know if you’ve ever tried the sparkling water beauty method and what you think about it!


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