Facial Oil Before Toner? This Korean Barista Shares Her Surprising Routine

I met Julie Jang on university campus and had an instant skin crush on her. Does that sound creepy? You know when you see someone whose skin looks like an SK-II ad and you think, ‘Gee, I’ve got to know their secret’. Yeah, Julie has that kind of complexion. 

1)What’s your skin type? Dry. I’m talking dessert dry.manyo factory

2)AM Routine: When I wake up, I cleanse my skin in the shower using Manyo Factory Ogok Latte Scrub Foam. As soon as I finish showering, I apply facial oil (Manyo Factory Secret T Treatment Oil) all over my skin. I know it’s a little unconventional to oil up before you do your toner, but this helps lock in some of the hydration and steam from the shower.

Then, I move onto toner and I prefer the 5 skin method — there are variations like the 3 skin or 7 skin method, but 5 works well for me. Basically, I apply toner, pat it into my skin and repeat this 5 times. By doing this, I’ve seen my skin become so much more hydrated. I tend to use Thayers Witch Hazel Toner and Rosense Rose Water, which I bought  on a recent trip to Istanbul.

After toner, I tap on my SUM 37 Secret Programming Essence  (a mainstay in my routine because it is so so nourishing). Finally, I apply lotion and another layer of my Secret T Treatment Oil!sum secret programming

3)Woah, that was comprehensive. And your PM Routine? I double cleanse. First, I use the Manyo Factory Herb Cleansing Oil and then wash off with my foaming cleanser. Then, it’s basically the same as my AM routine but I like to add either cream or sheet masks. My favourite sheet masks are the Innisfree and CNP ones (seriously, CNP is getting so popular in Korea right now). For cream masks, I like the Fresh Black Tea Overnight Mask, L’Occitane Immortelle and my HG is Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty (amaaaazing).luna concealer

4)How do you like to do your makeup? I’m not great at makeup, to be honest, so I tend to keep it pretty simple. I use a CC cream and do a light contour for my jawline using Luna products. It’s a Korean brand that’s quite popular. When it comes to lips, I love YSL. For eyes, I like dusky rosy colours.

5)What do you think is special about Korean beauty and skincare? Koreans are very determined to achieve pure, flawless skin that’s full of moisture. Healthy skin is incredibly important to us, so that’s why we are dedicated to the 10 step.

6)Okay, now for some more general questions. Do you have a life philosophy? Enjoy your life. Nobody knows what will happen.

7)What’s a dream you have? I’m a serious coffee-lover. When I worked in Australia as a barista, I discovered my passion not only for coffee, but serving it, chatting with customers and seeing them enjoy the coffee I brewed. Someday, I want to open a beautiful cafe.

8)You’ve been everywhere from Mongolia to Turkey to New York! What’s your favourite place in your homeland? Definitely Gangwon Province. It’s the first place I travelled to with my friend. From the mountains to the ocean, everything is breathtakingly beautiful there.

9)Have you read anything good lately? Yes, I read a book called Recipe for My Daughter by Gong Ji Young. It’s a mixture of life advice, recipes to overcome difficulties, but also some real (and very delicious) recipes. I’d recommend it!

10)What’s your favourite thing to cook at home? I love freshly baked bread. I usually make a sandwich with strawberry jam, lettuce, a soft-boiled egg and avocado. Believe me — it’s the best sandwich ever!


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