The Most Boringly Effective K-Beauty Product Ever (Review)

This product is about as un-Kpop as you can get: uninspiring packaging, barely-there scent, with a texture that’s nothing special – it doesn’t fizz or pop, and its ingredients are unexcitingly familiar (tea tree oil anyone?). The only dramatic thing about this product is that it gently, silently kills your pimples like nothing you’ve ever used and it has almost 100% rave reviews across the internet. That’s LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence.

While my trusty Melano CC is great at fading hyperpigmentation, I’d rather not have to deal with it in the first place. As an olive-skinned Asian, I get brown spots even after the smallest blemish, so even though I don’t get many pimples, I am constantly trying to further reduce the frequency and shorten the lifespan of these suckers.

That’s where LJH, the boringly effective essence, comes in.

ljh tea tree essence
One drop of LJH essence

The star ingredient in this essence is tea tree oil, which comprises 90% of the product. Tea tree oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that make it terrific at fighting pimples.

Add to this, Centella Asiatica, another outstanding anti-inflammatory ingredient. The essence also contains sea buckthorn, which has 12 times the vitamin c of an orange and has loads of vitamin E as well as those good old antioxidants.

In short, it’s an anti-aging and anti-acne powerhouse. There are NO acne triggers in this product, which is the beauty equivalent of finding a unicorn. However, if your skin is super duper sensitive, there is some grapefruit extract that may potentially irritate it.

After essence has been patted in

This essence is clear and slightly sticky. I like to apply it after my toner in a patting motion. Once dried, the tackiness largely disappears. I apply this during the day as I use Missha FTE Essence in the evening, but it is totally fine to use this twice daily if you’re not using another essence.

When I apply it, I don’t personally experience a ‘soothing sensation’ as many other bloggers claim. This might be because I rarely get painful pimples, just very tiny red bumps here and there. I do see a reduction in redness about a minute after applying this, and over time, I’ve definitely noticed a calmer appearance in my skin, which was getting irritated from Melbourne’s plane trees and microwave-like climate.

YB Verdict

This stuff is liquid gold if you suffer from acne or even occasional pimples/redness. I get pimples far less often since using this, and when I do, they don’t make as big of a fuss (ie. less redness and disappears more quickly). Because it has a couple humectants, it’s moisturising enough for dry skin, but it’s not so thick it will clog up pores for oilier types. Basically, this is a product all skin types are likely to benefit greatly from (unless you have a grapefruit allergy?). I cannot say enough good things so I will stop here.



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