5 Wardrobe Pieces Every Korean Girl Owns

How to Pull off the Gangnam Look

korean1Anyone remotely familiar with K-Pop, K-drama or K-cinema knows that Seoul has its finger firmly on the fashion pulse. Its residents pursue style trends with the same lightning speed, relentless determination, and maniacal fervour they exhibit in subway stations, morning traffic, or, anywhere really.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the modern Korean girl doesn’t have a few classics in her armoire – those glorious staples that will never go out of (Gangnam) style. Let’s start from the top, shall we?

1) HAT

bucketIn a skin-conscious country like Korea, the hat is a total must-have. While Jacquemus style pastoral hats and urban bucket hats have come into favour recently, there’s nothing more Korean than a good old baseball cap paired with long, loose hair.



blazerKorean-girl style is premised on clean cuts and sporty influences, so it’s no surprise that blazers are a key component to building a solidly Seoul wardrobe.

TIP: Opting for a larger fit will give you that perfect schoolgirl nonchalance, while a more fitted version lends a more mature, professional look.


bag1Growing up, I remember my female cousins were always saving up for a new handbag. For a lot of Korean girls, bags are primarily accessories rather than storage.

TIP: There is a cardinal rule in Korea that one’s bag must NEVER touch the floor/ground. Caring for your belongings is strongly emphasised and a lack of maintenance is greatly frowned upon.


miniAlthough Korean society tends to be pretty conservative, there’s no need to cover your legs here. Mini-skirts are welcome all year round.

TIP: A girly short skirt is the perfect foil for a more structured blazer here.


iuThe button up blouse is the bread and butter of any Seoulite’s wardrobe. It encapsulates the ultimate Korean aesthetic โ€” undeniably feminine yet veering away from anything fussy like frills, complicated prints and extremely form-fitting silhouettes.

TIP: Silk and chiffon blouses are the preferred option for Seoul girls, who opt for a proper yet carefree look.

So there you have it, a list of key pieces to recreate Korean-girl chic!




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  • Oh yes! I love Korean fashion. I love that statement bag you shared as well. Super cute. I think my favorite staple from Korean fashion is dainty cute socks.

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

    • Yes, Korea does do amazing socks. Do you know the designer Ader Error? They’re pretty famous for their socks in Seoul. They even sell these cute sock pins.