The Revival of Gucci

Bye Bye Minimalist Chic

If I asked you to name 5 items from your current fashion wishlist, I bet there’d be a double G in there somewhere. Yes, after a terrible slump, Gucci has gone from strength to strength, with the entire fashion industry deciding whether to wear that little Gucci dress… or that little Gucci dress.

Since the end of Tom Ford’s sleek and sexy stewardship of Gucci in the 1990s, the world waited for the brand’s slow demise into heavily monogrammed beige messenger bags and sneakers.

gucci2Enter Alessandro Michele, visionary and bohemian artist, who has singlehandedly turned around the fortunes of the Florentine brand. His festive and dramatic flower child aesthetic has resulted in meteoric growth for Gucci, and he has been smart to channel his incomparable whimsy into accessories, the major money maker for any luxury fashion label.


So, rather than wearing that little Gucci dress, it’s all about the little Gucci bag, or purse, or belt.

I love that Alessandro has turned the tide of fashion, which was veering toward a strong minimalist route. Now, it’s ruffles for days, playful bows, and cartoonishly large monograms.

My pick of the Gucci crop is undoubtedly the Princetown mules, which combine impeccable style with ultimate comfort, and can you really ask for anything more?

What is your Gucci must-have this season and how do you feel about the revamped version of the brand?

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  • I never thought much of it, but it’s so true Gucci has definitely mastered going back in fashion! I mean, even I, a broke millennial who’s not that into high-end brands, am obsessed with their pieces! Other than the Princeton mules (good choice), I’ve been eyeing the Sylvia bags for ages – but I also love the black belt with the golden GG, which I think is a subtle statement piece xo
    Love, G –

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