Get it Like a Gangnam Girl: Pottery Edition

pottery2Among the well-heeled ladies of Gangnam, pottery has become the latest hobby of choice. That’s right, after a refreshing aerial yoga class, it’s straight to the potter’s wheel for the trend-conscious Seoulite.

Admittedly, there’s a small ‘Goop-like’ spiritual inflection to this trend, but it isn’t so bizarre considering Korea’s historical dominance in pottery. The country’s celadons and white porcelains are particularly renowned.

pottery4When I lived in Seoul, I often visited ceramic stores on weekends, and one in particular, Yido Pottery, became a strong favourite. The earthy yet minimalist beauty of the ceramics aligned with my own preference for a simple yet slightly ‘undone’ aesthetic.

pottery1Yido was created by artist Yi Yoon Shin, who is at the forefront of modern Korean pottery. There’s a youtube video of her making sublime pieces of functional art. The footage of her at the potter’s wheel really encapsulates many people’s fascination with the entire process, as it combines cerebral, artistic and physical pursuits. Like watching a good cooking show, the repetitive nature of pottery is wonderfully soothing.

pottery3If you’re ever in Seoul, I’d highly encourage you to visit Yido. Like most things Korean, there’s an educational element – you can take a pottery class, learn about floral arrangement, or explore Korean table setting.

I’d love to hear your about what kind of ceramics you like and whether you’ve ever thought of taking a pottery class!

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