Instacrush: Pernille Teisback

pernille‘Understated statement chic’ comes to mind when I think of Pernille Teisback, Danish fashion influencer and Creative Director of Social Zoo.

pernille2Over the past few years, Pernille has developed a strong and loyal social media following with her unique style that always seems to grab attention without being bombastic.

pernille3Her signature mussed hair and pared back makeup are the perfect foil for the enlarged, ruffled, and often geometric ensembles she favours. I love the wonderful interplay of masculine and feminine influences in her outfits, which is often achieved through clever layering.

pernille4I’m also a little obsessed with her beauty regime as her skin is unfailingly glowy, which she attributes to, among other things, to Raaw in a Jar, a brand started by fellow Dane Trice Christiansen, in an effort to make products with natural, wholesome ingredients.


So, what are your thoughts on Pernille’s quirky style?


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