The ‘Italian’ K-Beauty Must Have


If you ask me what is the most quintessentially Korean beauty item, I will answer without hesitation – the Italy towel.

Yes, long before Laneige water sleeping masks and cellulite scrubs was the humble Italy towel, an exfoliant that is almost as Korean as kimchi. Without exception, you will find it in the shower of almost every Korean household and it is the country’s secret to youthful skin.

What is it? It’s 100% viscose in mitt or towel form and is used to scrub off all the dead skin on your body. It usually comes in green, pink or yellow with varying degrees of cactus-like abrasiveness.

A few other Asian countries such as Japan also have the exfoliating mitt but I have never come across any as painful and effective as the Korean one. Don’t worry, the pain of using it pays off. After usage, your skin is guaranteed to feel 100% softer. It will also help if you have any hyperpigmentation.

Apparently, this colourful exfoliator was named the Italy Towel because the viscose was originally imported from Italy. And it sounds fancier than the Busan Towel – Busan being the product’s place of origin. Italy towels can normally be purchased for less than a dollar and they should be changed up regularly.

As a life-long Italy towel loyalist, I would love to know if you have ever used or seen the Italy towel. For more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list at the top of the page.

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