Vive les French Drugstore Brands!

french4In honour of the French on their national holiday, l thought I’d write a post about one of my favourite topics – French drugstore beauty. During my trip to Paris earlier this year, I made countless visits to French pharmacies, walking through them with the same reverence and awe as walking through the Louvre.

The French do make beauty look effortless, but judging by the intensity of their pharmacies, I’d say there’s a lot of maintenance behind the scenes!

Below are French drugstore products that I use religiously.



A miracle of a toner. As a dry-skinned girl, I often find toners leave my skin a little scaly, but this makes it wondrously smooth and touchable.


Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 12.04.51 AMThis retinol cream is super popular in France for its anti-aging and brightening properties. My facial skin is a bit too sensitive for this, but it works perfectly on my neck and decolletage. I also love its spartan, no-frills packaging – let the product speak for itself right?



I will live and die by this moisturiser. It’s rich and unfailingly soothing when my skin is stressed. While some may find it oddly shiny, I adore its glow and have found that I apply less makeup after using it.

Other honourable mentions include Klorane dry shampoo, which has officially converted me to the world of dry shampoo. Also, Avene thermal spring water, which I use if my skin is nightmarishly red or irritated.

So, what are your favourite French beauty buys? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! If you’d like more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list.

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