Faux Fur: No longer a Fashion Faux Pas


Faux fur has long had a reputation as real fur’s tackier (but friendlier) sister. Its brittle plastic hairs have always lacked the lustrous sheen of true fur, but many chose to wear it anyway for ethical or budgetary reasons.

Recent technological advancements have turned the tide, and today’s high quality faux fur is barely distinguishable from the real thing. Now, you can run your fingers through your artificial fur garment and enjoy both the smooth, glorious texture and the knowledge that it is animal cruelty-free.

Understandably, this leap has created an enormous surge in demand and supply for fake fur. Designers from both luxury and high street brands have been churning out scarves, coats and even handbags using faux.

I’ve always had a soft spot for fur and I’m relishing this faux fur renaissance, as it can add so much dimension and movement to an otherwise simple ensemble. Below are some of my favourite labels and products when it comes to faux.


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.25.40 AM

Charlotte Beecham of Charlotte Simone is the queen of fur and all her products are available in faux. Fun, whimsical and vibrant, her designs are the antithesis of the stodgy, matronly designs we often saw in the nineties.

While she has a broad array of furry delights, my favourite is her classic fuzz shaggy jacket pictured above. The combination of the cotton candy pink and the fluffy material is just pure ecstasy for my eyes.



Puma must be the comeback kid of sportswear, right? Their recent collaborations with Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have reinvigorated the brand’s image, and their footwear has been particularly spectacular. Case in point: the Fenty slippers above. Pink. Fluffy. Gorgeous.


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.45.22 AM

I never thought I’d need faux fur earrings until I saw these darlings from NAIN and I am completely enamoured. Also, yes, there is a strong pink undertone to this post…


And to round out a post full of pink fluffiness, is this sugary sweet Skinny Dip bag. The sporty yet girlish aesthetic is very aligned with the current look.

So, what is your favourite faux item from the lineup? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list at the top of the page for more updates.

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