Dim Lights and Winter Nights

A Love Letter to the Baggy Jumper

fluffyjumperfluffyjumper2Oversized jumpers are the ultimate comfort clothing, aren’t they? They’re the lasagne of garments  – warm, enticing and the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s night.

I purchased this fluffy specimen from my latest high street obsession, NAIN. The texture is heavenly, and when it catches the right light, it develops a beautiful halo.

The material possesses the sort of plushness that simply compels people to touch it. I’ve worn it to work on casual Fridays and I’ve had colleagues pet my sleeves during meetings – it’s that soft.

It’s also incredibly warm. You know how some jumpers are heavy and sit on you without really providing much heat? This one feels like a family of friendly polar bears are giving you a loving embrace.

So, there you have it – an ode to the most maternal, loving item of clothing in my wardrobe. Now, I’d love to hear about yours.

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  • Love!! ❤️

  • johanna

    how much did you pay?
    Love this