Classic & Clean

PicsArt_06-04-04.58.13PicsArt_06-04-05.16.28PicsArt_06-04-05.04.08Winter sun is a glorious thing. It’s cold, crisp and zesty like a fresh apple. While summer heat can be uncomfortably muggy, winter’s sunshine is clean. The symmetry of the warmth and the frost is physical poetry, and while I’ve previously claimed I don’t dress for the weather, I’d be lying if I said my natural surroundings don’t influence me at all.

I bought this blouse in a market in Seoul and, for me, it encapsulates the clean, simple geometry of Korean fashion. I probably wear it far too often, because it’s one of those pieces that seem to go with almost everything else in my wardrobe.

The skirt is another one of my favourites but due to its deceptive thickness, I tend to only wear it in the colder seasons. I find that both the blouse and the skirt transition well from AM to PM, whether it’s from the office to after-work drinks or from brunch to dinner.

Some simple accessories and the right lipstick really bring it to life. Here, I’ve paired the look with a suede bag from Zara and Repettos I bought in Paris (perhaps an attempt to pretend I’m back in France!).

I’d love to hear what your ‘wardrobe classics’ are and why they’ve become such mainstays. Share them in the comments below and if you’d like more updates, don’t forget to follow Yeon & Bee on Facebook.

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