This Sleepwear will be your new Activewear

Because Satin is better than Spandex

Remember 2008? The world was simpler back then – Glee was all the rage, people were feeling an Empire State of Mind, and Dolce & Gabbana sent those pyjamas down the runway. Despite being seen on every red carpet thereafter, sleepwear hasn’t taken off the way spandex tights have.

In fact, sleepwear largely remains a fashion black-hole if you’re not shelling out for D&G or Chanel. Go to your local department store and you’re basically given one of three looks: a) fancy suburban grandma b) bargain bin cotton or c) hoochielicious.

Thank God for Croquis (pronounced ‘Cro-kee’) Glow, a Korean sleepwear and loungewear label that makes pyjamas so pretty, A-Pink and Girl’s Day literally won’t stop singing and dancing about it (read on and you’ll find out what we mean).

I chatted to the label’s Designer, Director and Founder, Boram An.

When was Croquis Glow launched? April 2016.

What’s its purpose? To provide casual-luxe garments that fit every mood and texture of the day. You can sink into a pair of Croquis Glows in the comfort of your bedroom or don them at a flashy resort like a low-key glamazon. Our satin shirts look just as beautiful with fluffy slippers as they do with heels and tucked into a pair of jeans on your way to a date with the girls. Croquis Glow will even embroider unique messages onto the cuffs and collars, so it’s just that extra bit special.

Tell us about ‘Brilliant Moment’. This was our debut collection. We were inspired by that singular moment in a romance where you’re blinded by its sheer amorousness and the awakening of a new possibility.

Why ‘Croquis Glow’? The name is a hybrid. Croquis means a rough sketch and it captures the essential form of a model. I like that idea of this functionality – you can add the flesh of your own creativity to the bare bones of reality. The ‘glow’ embodies the radiant style we want to evoke in the clothing and the wearer.

Describe Croquis Glow’s style in one breath. Comfortable and compact-chic.

Which fabrics do you use? For summer and spring, we focus on breathability, opting for materials like linen, cotton, viscose, and bamboo. In winter and autumn, it’s all about the snuggly stuff like velvet and corduroy.

Any claims to fame? A-Pink singing and dancing on television in our basic white pyjama set. Oh, and Girl’s Day rocking our winter look for a show. As I said, you can do anything in Croquis Glow.

Next steps? Diversify our look. We’re all about versatility so we want to think of every segment of the population and produce beautiful, high quality garments to suit all walks of life, whether you’re A-Pink or a mother of three.

Ever the intrepid consumer, I’ve ordered a pair of Croquis Glow pyjamas and will be putting its versatility to the test in a later post.

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