Low Classic

Low Classic has your 90s vacation wardrobe sorted

Image Low Classic

What is it? Seoul-based womenswear label founded by designer Myung Shin Lee in 2009.

What’s it about? Wistful, feminine chic with a strongly nostalgic overtone. Its pseudo-intellectual vibe will make you want to read more Proust and long blacks will start to genuinely taste good. 

Wear it to… An exclusive pottery class or a sepia-toned French picnic. 

Comfort level? Natural fabrics that possess the sensuousness and soft glide of a freshly made bed.

It has… a sister label called Locle. The Locle girl is a little less long black and a little more bubble tea. If Low Classic is the Franco-Korean ingenue, Locle is more American sportsgirl. 

Image Low Classic

Where to get it? Unfortunately, Locle isn’t so local if you’re outside of South Korea, the US, China or Japan, but given its growing following, it should only be a matter of time before it comes to a store near you.

So, does Low Classic get your love or does it miss the mark?

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