Polar Opposite


It’s not that I’m allergic to pants. I just don’t like them that much. As a petite girl who isn’t blessed with gazelle (or Giselle)-like legs, pants are a nightmare to buy. I envy the girl who doesn’t have to get her pants taken in five different spots. I mean, at this point, it’d probably be simpler for me to hand stitch a new pair.

Yes, it is a petulant first world struggle but it is the reason I cling to my shorts and skirts for as long as I can, dragging them into the brutal depths of winter. By now, my legs have become immune to all but the most hellish freeze — I’m talking Arctic temperatures.

Speaking of Arctic, I’ve recently become enamoured with pastel blues, an unlikely shade in Autumn, but reflective of the glacial weather we’ve been experiencing in Melbourne. Paired with thick gold earrings, my inspiration must have been sun and ice. It certainly wasn’t practicality. But I always prefer to dress to suit my mood rather than the weather.

How about you? Do you break out the sturdy shoes and puffer jackets when winter breaks or brave the elements and remain indifferent to the climate surrounding you? Comment below with your thoughts!


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