Blue Luxe – Lake Como

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve wanted to visit Como for years. I was first introduced to it while flipping through the pages of a glossy travel magazine, and was instantly entranced by its vast blue expanse, cupped in an exquisite series of jagged mountains.

When the water is still, the lake is like a sheet of silk with gentle ripples catching the sun’s rays. While Lake Annecy was a most flirtatious shade of cyan, Lake Como is a baritone blue with a naval authority. It compels you to dress in an no-nonsense sort of way. Funny that, how we become chameleons in our apparel as we enter new environments.

On the day I arrive in Como, the sky is bright and the warmth of the light draws people to the hotel pool. They peel off their heavy coats and boots, spreading onto lounge chairs, staying diligently in their optimal tanning positions well into dinner time.

I am not surprised that Como has been favoured as the stomping ground of George Clooney. The entire town has an air of vintage luxury, with the ambience of the actor’s Nespresso advertisements. However, the thing that strikes me the most, aside from the magnificence of the scenery, is the happiness of the town’s inhabitants. Locals stroll down the main road, inculcated to its perilous curves and steep drops, and throw a beaming smile in your direction as they shout ‘buongiorno’.

When I leave Como, the air is decidedly colder than when I arrived, but the sun remains, its gentle heat a friendly send off to the next adventure.

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